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Motorola BACKFLIP officially launched

Motorola BACKFLIP officially launched

Motorola announced the official launch of their latest baby – BACKFLIP at the ongoing CES, 2010. The BACKFLIP features an innovative folding backward design with outward facing keyboard. Design was always Motorola’s strength and they have proved it once again. BACKFLIP will have all the features expected from modern day smart phones – 3G, Wi-Fi,…

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By digitalcoconut on January 7th

AT&T to launch Android powered DELL, HTC and Motorola smart phones

AT&T to launch Android powered DELL, HTC and Motorola smart phones

AT&T will be launching as many as 5 smoking hot Android powered smart phones in the first half of 2010. AT&T confirmed this at the ongoing CES 2010. These smart phones will be coming from manufactures like HTC, Motorola and DELL (yes, finally Dell Mini 3i is here). No final confirmations were made on exactly…

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By digitalcoconut on January 7th

Detailed specs of the Google phone Nexus One revealed

Detailed specs of the Google phone Nexus One revealed

The Google phone a.k.a Nexus One had already made its appearance and quite a number of lucky fellows on this planet (read Google employees) have already got their hands on it. Pictures of this new Google phone are floating around the web but the full specification of the phone was not known until now, that…

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By digitalcoconut on December 24th

Next generation iPhone to have 5 MP camera

Next generation iPhone to have 5 MP camera

Apple’s next generation iPhone is already in the pipeline and the industry is expecting it to make its debut at next year’s WWDC which is going to be held at Moscone West in the month of June. The next generation iPhone is rumored to have various hardware improvements like dual core processors etc, although nothing…

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By digitalcoconut on December 23rd

How-to install KDE SC 4.4 beta 1 in Kubuntu / Ubuntu 9.10

KDE SC 4.4 was released few days back and it came with lots of improvement and some interesting new features including the much talked about and much anticipated – introduction of ‘Tabs’ (similiar to what we have on every modern day browsers) in to mainstream desktop window manager. Recently, the Kubuntu guys added this smoking hot KDE SC release into their Beta PPA….

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By digitalcoconut on December 19th

HTC made Google Phone makes it appearance, named Nexus One

The Google Phone rumours which we were hearing for quite some time now, has turned out to be true. The lucky lot who have already got their hands on this phone are none other than Google’s own employees. Tweets from several persons like Google’s Open Source Program Manager, Leslie Hawthorn, has confirmed that Google had…

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By digitalcoconut on December 13th

WiGig Alliance releases detailed specifications for its 60 GHz wireless technology, promises to support 7 Gbps transfer speeds

The WiGig or Wireless Gigabit Alliance completed the initial set of specifications for its 60GHz Wireless Technology, which is all set to raise the bar for wireless connectivity to new heights. The WiGig wireless technology will be using the frequency of 60 GHz in order to communicate as compared to the current best wireless technology…

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By digitalcoconut on December 10th

HTC Touch.B code-named Rome leaked in France, runs Qualcomm’s BrewMP

We have been hearing a lot about HTC’s new phone, the Touch.B code-named  ‘Rome’ for some time now. But no concrete proof was available in its support, until now that is. The guys at MobiFrance have managed to get a sneak peak of this latest HTC baby.     

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By digitalcoconut on December 3rd

Next generation iPhone caught testing, spotted in app usage log

As it seems, the next generation iPhone (iPhone 3,1) is almost here and Apple may well be gearing up for a mid 2010 launch. The new model was spotted in the wild carrying out field tests.

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By digitalcoconut on November 30th

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