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Chromoting Android App – Remote Desktop For Android Phones & Chrome Browser

Chromoting Android app Screenshots

Well, here is something that has the potential to disrupt the remote desktop on mobile space. The chromium team at Google has started working an unique app called the Chromoting Android App using which you can access another user’s Android Device screen and the system pretty much like the Chrome Remote Desktop app which is…


By Debjit

Top 4 Must-Install Free Apps for BlackBerry Mobile Smartphone Security

Blackberry Logo

If you’ve got your hands on one of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, you are sure to have lots of plans for enjoying it – taking photos, listening to music, BBMing your friends, trying new apps, and generally enjoying all your new smartphone has to offer. Protecting your new phone is vital, though, as it’s…

 Lists   Security  

By Debjit

How To Prevent An Extension To Communicate With Your Chrome Extension? [Chrome App Dev]

Chrome Logo

Chrome Applications Development provides you with an API using which you can easily communicate with various other extensions which the user might have installed. Vice-Versa is also possible which means another Chrome application / extension can also communicate with your extension.The technical jargon for above in Chrome Dev terms is known as message passing, and…

 How-To   Programming  

By Debjit

[Fix] Website Does Not Open In Firefox But Opens In Chrome & Other Browser

[Fix] Website Does Not Open In Firefox But Opens In Chrome & Other Browser

This is one common issue which user keep facing while using Firefox. I have got numerous complaints myself about many of my websites from readers that the sites open perfectly in Chrome Browser and Opera or Safari but they do not open in Firefox Browser at the same time. Well, this may not be a…


By Debjit

Automatically Search & Download Subtitles in VLC Player – VLSub

Open VLSub extension in VLC Media Player

Do you watch foreign language films often in VLC Media player and then just when you start watching it you realise that you have to find subtitles! Then begins a battle of searching subtitles for your movies or the TV series videos. By the time you are finished searching for the subtitles on the web…

 Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Take Screenshot in Windows 8 with No Extra Software [Keyboard Shortcut]

Win Key + Print Screen: Windows 8 Screenshot Shortcut

Operating systems like Linux and Apple Mac OS have a nifty feature of a Keyboard Shortcut using which you can take a screenshot very easily without the use of any third-party image capture software. Just hit the Print-Screen button on the keyboard of your Linux or Mac OS X and the screenshot gets captured. However,…

 Tips & Tricks   Windows  

By Debjit

How To Set-Up Data Security For Employees Who Bring Their Personal Phones & Laptop To Work

Workplace Security

The modern workplace looks nothing like the traditional setting that was commonplace only decades ago. Today, many office desks are littered with smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other high tech gadgets. While these devices can aid the work process by streamlining communications and allowing for on the go computing, they can also serve as powerful distractions….

 How-To   Security  

By Debjit

Top 4 Tips for Creating Quality Blogs for Your Company’s Website

Quality vs Quantity

Online blogs have evolved from being a personal hobby into one of the most efficient sources of information and advice that are tapped by millions of people each day. Studies have confirmed that over 128 million people throughout the United States are expected to become blog readers within the next year, according to If…

 Blogging   Lists  

By Debjit

4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Use MySQLi And Not MySQL Extenstion

MySQLi Logo

All my life (till now that is) I have been a self taught programmer and it was like seven years back in 2006 when I first learnt to build my first dynamic website using PHP and MySQL and it has been a long time since then. Well, when I started tutoring PHP and MySQL to…

 Database   Lists  

By Debjit

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