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The Most Cost-Effective Way for Businesses to Communicate

It takes a lot for a business to succeed in the competitive market that exists today. Things can’t stay the same for long and must continually evolve if businesses even hope to keep their heads above water. The old ways of doing things are no longer efficient and must give way to the new. This…


By Zenobia on December 11th

4 Things About Checkout / Payment Options for Your eCommerce Site

Various e-commerce Payment Options

When you build your eCommerce site, one of the important things you will have to consider is what type of checkout options your site will feature. There are basic options where you just feature credit cards or you can integrate a third party purchasing option, like Amazon or PayPal. Additionally, you can create user accounts,…

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By Zenobia on September 6th

3 Ways To Keep Customers Focused in Media-Sharing Sales Strategies

Youtube Video Media Sales

The use of multimedia sharing on social media and through personal communications holds more possibilities than ever to expand marketing practices, but it can be questionable as to how effective they really are. Balancing incorporation of new technologies with traditional sales strategies doesn’t have to be difficult, and in the end, is necessary to keep…

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By Zenobia on August 29th

Top 2 Online SMS Marketing Tools

Sendhub App in iPhone

In countries where Mobile users have surpassed desktop users by leaps and bounds, mobile marketing definitely makes sense to have in a company’s marketing strategies. Well, for the newbies, mobile marketing is nothing but a mode of marketing a company’s products where brands make use of SMS / Text messages in order to create product…

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By Zenobia on June 11th

Top 8 Cloud-Based UX Design Tools Online in 2013 for UX designers

Textify Cloud Based UX

Ok, so you want some cloud based UX design tools, and the local convenience store is out. You order them online, and Amazon doesn’t have the flavor you want. Of course, I am oversimplifying, but the bottom line is this: You need to design a user experience from ground up; this includes the physical interaction,…

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By Zenobia on May 18th

Top 5 Must Install Free Shopify Ecommerce Plugins

Shopify Logo

Shopify lets you create your own store online without even having to hire a web development company or a digital marketing agency. You can simply sign up on the website, define your store parameters, pay the service fees and in no matter of time you can take your online store live and start making money…

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By Zenobia on May 18th

5 Ways In Which Registering A Product Can Help You

When you buy a new product, you’re prompted to register it with the company either online or by mail. Some buyers ignore this prompt and throw away the product registration instructions with the packaging. But did you know that by registering your product you could get a lot more out of it? Here are 5…


By Zenobia on January 15th

7 Types Of Computer Viruses by Outcome: Which Ones Spy, and Which Destruct

Malware comes in many forms, and all are dangerous. Viruses and spyware are the best-known umbrellas that harmful programs fall under, but these categories are far-reaching. Understanding the specifics of these threats will make you aware of how important it is to have virus protection on your computer. Trojan Horse A Trojan horse operates just as it…

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By Zenobia on December 27th

7 Changing Trends Of Digital Marking; Upcoming Indian Digital Marketing Trends

7 Changing Trends Of Digital Marking; Upcoming Indian Digital Marketing Trends

Digital World never sleeps. It works and grows consistently as it connects itself with devices like Smartphone, Internet, TV, Computers etc. The scope and growth of Digital Marketing has left non-digital marketers stunned. The demand has been growing and it has already changed the shape and future of Digital World. There are two main strategies…

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By Zenobia on December 18th

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