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The Power Of Cloud Computing

Power of cloud computing

Cloud computing is gaining utmost importance today. With help of cloud services, you can access your data ,information or services online giving you the advantage of accessing them from anywhere in the world thorough the Internet. If you check your emails regularly then you are also using the cloud power. All your mails are actually…

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By Debjit on May 4th
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Amazon’s Android App Store To Be Launched Today


Today is a big day for Android. Amazon is all set to launch its very own App Store for Android later today. In preparation for the launch, the App Store went live for a while earlier today and we have been able to notice a couple of features which could make it truly competitive against Google’s Android…

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By Ricky on March 22nd
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Is Kindle Starting A Fire In The Market, Or Is It All Smoke?

Is Kindle Starting A Fire In The Market, Or Is It All Smoke?

Amazon’s Kindle species has been reviled, revered and reviewed endlessly. The new Kindle, however, seems to be making headway. That hasn’t been easy, in the face of a highly skeptical industry.

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By Guest Author on August 21st
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How To Install Banshee 1.7.3 In Ubuntu

How To Install Banshee 1.7.3 In Ubuntu

Banshee 1.7.3 has just released with Amazon MP3 Store integrated into it. The Amazon MP3 Store is, however, only in US, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Japan. Other than the Amazon Store, this version of Banshee also has lots visual improvements and lots of bug-fixes. You can check out the changes here.

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By Ricky on July 22nd
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Kindle App For Apple iPad Kills The Regular Amazon Kindle?

Amazon has now released a new Kindle App for the Apple iPad which turns your iPad into a Kindle e-book reader.

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By Debjit on April 4th
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Kindle comes to BlackBerry

Kindle comes to BlackBerry

Amazon has introduced a Kindle app (beta release) for BlackBerry devices [US only]. This Kindle app will provide more or less all the features of a regular Kindle e-book reader, just like the iPhone Kindle app. So, now you will be able to browse the Kindle store for books (which now has over 400,000 books),…

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By digitalcoconut on February 19th
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New Firmware update for Amazon Kindle 2, brings native PDF support, 85% improved battery life

Amazon’s Kindle 2 is all set to receive a heavy dosage of much needed improvements in the  form of a firmware update. The update is a result of about 6 months of rigorous work. So what do we have in store this time ? To begin with, we will finally be having native PDF support…

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By digitalcoconut on November 25th
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Amazon Tip: Open Amazon affiliate ad links or banners in new window or tab on click

Amazon Tip: Open Amazon affiliate ad links or banners in new window or tab on click

In this article we will share with you a tip that will help you to open Amazon referral ad links in new window or tab on click.

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By Debjit on October 11th
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A Tic-Tac-Toe game for the Amazon Kindle

Amazon Digital Services have launched a two-player Tic Tac Toe (Naughts and Crosses) game for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. This edition has 16 different games where you play against the Kindle (Computer), each game having a vired difficulty. Some games are easy to beat, some hard, and some are impossible. On some games the…

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By Debjit on March 27th
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