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Nokia’s Reply To Apple iMessage – “IM For Nokia”; BlackBerry Watchout

IM For Nokia Logo

Nokia has announced the availability of a new app “IM For Nokia” a device to device chat service for all users of Nokia handsets which is similar to Apple’s recently launched iMessage.

 Mobile   News  

By Debjit on June 10th

Did Apple Reject A Developer’s App And Copied It In iOS 5?


Apple announced iOS 5 a few days back and they have “copied” a lot of features from others. If a report on The Register is to be believed, Apple has sunk to a new low.

 Apple   General   iOS  

By Ricky on June 9th

Apple iOS 5 : Did I Just Borrow That Feature From Somewhere Else ?


At the WWDC event, Apple revealed that there would hit a total of 200+ new features in the new iOS which is due for release this fall. But if you look at some of these so called ‘new and innovative features’ you might have seen them somewhere else before. Let us take a look.

 Apple   General   iOS   Twitter  

By Nihal on June 8th

Apple’s iMessage Will Not Kill Anything


Apple’s iMessage killing off the BlackBerry Messenger? And even SMS? You have to be kidding me, right! Right?

 Apple   General   iOS  

By Ricky on June 8th

Apple iCloud – Let Us Know It Better

Apple iCloud – Let Us Know It Better

Yesterday at WWDC 2011, Apple has finally announced the iCloud service. Let us take a look about what this service has to offer.

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By Nihal on June 7th

5 Things About Apple’s New iMessage – A BlackBerry Messaging Like Service

iMessage - Apple's new "Blackberry Messnger" like service

One of the new features which iOS 5 is going to have is iMessage. As the name suggests, it is a messaging service for users all across Apple’s devices like the iPad and the iPod.

 Apple   iOS   News  

By Debjit on June 7th

Exlcusive Preview Of Apple iOS 5; Really?

Funny preview of Apple iOS 5

Here is a video mock-up of the yet to be announced Apple iOS 5. The video is funny as well as quite intriguing as this is something which may completely change the way we use computers today

 Apple   iOS   News  

By Adam on June 6th

Apple Store In Hamburg Gets Trolled [Video]


Apple is constructing the world’s largest Apple Store in the city of Hamburg in Germany. Some people calling themself the “WAV Collective” decided that this is the prefect opportunity to troll Apple. Read on for the video.

 Apple   General  

By Ricky on June 5th

Apple To Unveil iCloud And iOS 5 At WWDC

Apple To Unveil iCloud And iOS 5 At WWDC

Apple has confirmed today that they will launch Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – an announcement which can be considered to be one of the most important one of the year, at least for Apple and the Apple fans. Apple announced the unveiling of some software platforms, which it has been secretly developing in the…

 Apple   iOS   News  

By Nihal on June 1st

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