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All You Need To Know About The New Facebook Timeline


Day before yesterday, Facebook introduced a few changes. The changes did not go down well with a lot of users. Well, Facebook is introducing more changes again – huge changes. The new OpenGraph and Timeline are the most important changes that Facebook announced today at the F8 event. Both the new OpenGraph and Timeline are…

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By Ricky on September 23rd
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Watch Facebook’s F8 Event Live

Facebook has released a lot of changes yesterday. From the looks of it users do not like and they are making it known. Well, like it or not Facebook is set to introduce a lot more changes. At the F8 event which is about to start in a few minutes, Facebook is expected to announce…

 Facebook   Video  

By Zenobia on September 22nd
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Facebook Says That Google+ Has No Users


There is no denying the growing competition between the social networking giant, Facebook, and Google’s new social network, Google+. There is no denying that Google+ is one of Google’s most ambitious projects to data and they have Facebook worried. Facebook has been rolling out a number of new features recently in reply to Google+. In…

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By Zenobia on August 17th
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Facebook Launches A Messaging App For Android And iOS


Facebook has launched a new messaging app for Android and iOS. The app, called Facebook Messenger, brings a SMS like messaging system that is based on Facebook’s messaging system.

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By Ricky on August 10th
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Facebook Launches “Facebook For Every Phone” – Java Based Mobile App

Screenshot: Facebook Mobile app for Java platform

In a move to get even more users on its website, Facebook has launched a new java based mobile application called “Facebook For Every Phone” which offers a fast and comprehensive access to on mobile phones.

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By Debjit on July 13th
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Facebook Blocks Legitimate Contact Exporter Tool – Open-XChange

Facebook Blocks Legitimate Contact Exporter Tool – Open-XChange

With Google+ knocking at the door, Facebook can recognize a tool, that users can use to break away from Facebook’s aim of locking them in Facebook, when it sees one. So, Facebook did what they did to Facebook Friend Exporter – they banned Open-Xchange’s tool despite the fact that it did not violate anything.

 Facebook   News  

By Ricky on July 12th
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How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

If you like Google+ but do not want to leave Facebook completely either, one thing you can do is have both opened in different tabs. Another is to get your Facebook stream in Google+ itself. In this article, we will tell you how you can get your Facebook stream in Google+.

 Facebook   Google   How-To   Social Media  

By Ricky on July 10th
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LinkedIn Becomes 2nd Most Visited Social Networking Site In U.S. – Surpasses Myspace


According to a Comscore survey, Professional social network LinkedIn, surpassed Myspace in terms of number of unique visitors to social networking site in the U.S. in the month of June.

 Facebook   Social Media   Twitter  

By Nihal on July 9th
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Google+ Hangout vs Facebook Video Chat – Which One Has The Upper Hand Right Now?

Google+ Hangout vs Facebook Video Chat – Which One Has The Upper Hand Right Now?

So by now we know that Facebook has got a brand new video chat powered by Skype. That was the most important announcement in Facebook’s “awesome” announcement last night (or earlier today depending on where you are). So, now we have the inevitable question – Google+ Hangout vs Facebook Video Chat – who will win?

 Facebook   Google   Opinion  

By Ricky on July 7th
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