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Zuckerberg: Facebook Now Has 750 Million Active Users

Zuckerberg: Facebook Now Has 750 Million Active Users

At a special event at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Facebook now has 750 Million active users. He also announced that Facebook has observed that the rate at which its users are sharing is increasing at an exponential rate.

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By Nihal on July 7th
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Facebook Introduces Video Chat

Facebook Introduces Video Chat

Putting an end to all the rumours, Mark Zuckerberg and his minions have finally unveiled another weapon in their arsenal which is bound to play a crucial role in the Battle of the Social Networks – the much awaited Video Chat! This time around, Facebook has completely revised its ‘Chat’ feature – the new one…

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By Debjit on July 7th
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Facebook Blocks Chrome Extension That Imports Contacts To Google Plus

Facebook Friend Exporter - the app that has been blocked by Facebook

Facebook has blocked access to a Google Chrome application that helps users import their Facebook contacts into Google’s new social network – Google Plus.

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By Debjit on July 5th
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How To Automate Your ‘Pokes’ On Facebook


Tired of logging into Facebook, only to be greeted by a million ‘pokes’ from random people? And then you go on to spending the next few minutes of your life, pulling your hair out and poking them back only to let them kow how much you actually ‘care’ about them. Dying to put an end…

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By Debjit on July 2nd
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CircleHack Brings “Google+ Circles Feature” To Facebook

CircleHack - Google Plus Circles in Facebook

The interface in Google+ where you create new Circles and add friends to these circles is really cool. Now, CircleHack aims to bring the same Circle Experience in Google+ to Facebook.

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By Debjit on July 1st
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HardlyWork Lets You View Facebook Updates In MS Excel / Spreadsheet Format

Facebook Wall Feed posts shown in a spreadsheet / excel format

Find out how to access Facebook and check your updates on the website in a spreadsheet or MS Excel format while you are at work or in your computer lab.

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By Debjit on June 29th
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Facebook Now Shows Fan Pages & Adverts Related To Your Comments & Status Updates

Facebook Logo

Looks like the Social Networking giant – has started rolling out another new feature where in links to Fan pages and Ads related to the content you share on Facebook are shown in the sidebar.

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By Debjit on June 11th
Continue Reading... Adds Twitter And Facebook Accounts To Put Comments Adds Twitter And Facebook Accounts To Put Comments

In an important move, WordPress has launched WordPress, Twitter and Facebook authorization and identity systems altogether for its own commenting platform.

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By Nihal on June 8th
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Facebook And Spotify Teaming Up On Music Streaming Service

Facebook And Spotify Teaming Up On Music Streaming Service

Why would Facebook stand behind, when all major companies are trying their hands on music streaming service? Facebook and Spotify are collaborating on a streaming music service at the world’s largest online social network and are two weeks away from launching a new music streaming service, according to a report Wednesday by business magazine Forbes….

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By Nihal on May 26th
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