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How To Quit And Restart Fennec (Firefox For Mobile) On Android?

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If you have been using an Android OS powered mobile phone, then you may have noticed that there is no way to quit or exit an application as Android automatically pauses applications when they are in the background and closes them when free memory is needed after more new applications are opened. In this article we…


By Debjit on April 28th
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Mozilla Plans A “Mobile Device Independent” App Store

Mozilla Plans A “Mobile Device Independent” App Store

Mozilla wants to make it big in the Mobile world and has revealed it’s plans about an unique mobile app store in it’s annual report – “The State of Mozilla” which was released recently. Mozilla has designed a prototype of mobile app store and plans to call it a “Open Web App ecosystem”.

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By Debjit on November 22nd
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Fennec For Android Looks Very Promising

Fennec For Android Looks Very Promising

In case you do not know, Firefox is also making a browser for mobile devices. It is codenamed Fennec for now and the alpha currently available for Android and the Nokia N900.

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By Ricky on August 30th
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