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[Fix] Website Does Not Open In Firefox But Opens In Chrome & Other Browser

[Fix] Website Does Not Open In Firefox But Opens In Chrome & Other Browser

This is one common issue which user keep facing while using Firefox. I have got numerous complaints myself about many of my websites from readers that the sites open perfectly in Chrome Browser and Opera or Safari but they do not open in Firefox Browser at the same time. Well, this may not be a…


By Debjit on July 17th

Firefox 13 Aurora Has Support For SPDY, Mobile User Agent & Advanced Developer Tools

Download Firefox 13 Aurora

Firefox 13 is now debuting the Aurora channel, after the entry of Firefox 12 in beta channel, and the release of Firefox 11 last week. Users who’ve already started using Firefox 11 will be in for some major changes once Firefox 13 is out. The Aurora channel will witness the most significant changes that will…

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By Debjit on March 21st

Mozilla Firefox 10 Is Here With All New Features

Firefox 10

The Mozilla Firefox version 10 is soon going to be out in beta, with new features which build on the latest Web standards such as CSS3, HTML5 and others. The new changes being brought out by Mozilla are all geared towards competing with Google Chrome, and work to enhance the user experience from beneath than…

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By Debjit on February 1st

Mozilla Working On Developing A Reset Button For Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Reset Button

Mozilla is currently working to develop a ‘reset’ button for Firefox, which would enable users to work around errors in installation or start-up crashes and fix the problem without losing their data, bookmarks, history and more. The feature would be accessible in several ways, around the Firefox browser. As the Mozilla wiki page about the…

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By Debjit on January 28th

Speed Dial Coming In Firefox 9


Speed Dial is a feature first introduced by Opera almost four years. It is basically a grid of the top websites you visit. From my experience, this is a very convenient way to get to my favorite websites after firing up the browser. This feature has been adopted by Google Chrome as well. Recently, Opera…

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By Zenobia on August 26th

How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

If you like Google+ but do not want to leave Facebook completely either, one thing you can do is have both opened in different tabs. Another is to get your Facebook stream in Google+ itself. In this article, we will tell you how you can get your Facebook stream in Google+.

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By Ricky on July 10th

Mozilla Says Firefox Is For Regular Users Not Enterprise

Mozilla Says Firefox Is For Regular Users Not Enterprise

Asa Doztler, community coordinator for Firefox at Mozilla, said that Firefox’s focus is the regular users not the enterprise and that enterprise is just a small fraction of a percent of the Firefox user base.

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By Ricky on June 27th

How To Install Firefox 5 In Fedora 15


Firefox 5 is not yet available in the official Fedora 15 repository. If you want to install it now, here is what you have to do.

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By Ricky on June 23rd

No More Security Updates For Firefox 4


If for some reason you were thinking of sticking with Firefox 4 and not upgrading to Firefox 5, well, don’t. Mozilla has confirmed that Firefox 4 has reached its end of life and there will be no more security updates.

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By Ricky on June 23rd

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