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Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Presenting Yogile – yet another online photo sharing service, but with a difference. Yogile makes it incredibly easy to share images privately and within groups. Not only this, Yogile lets multiple people contribute to one album with ease.

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By Debjit on December 5th

Orifli – A Simple Flickr Uploader [Ubuntu]

Orifli – A Simple Flickr Uploader [Ubuntu]

As the post title says, Orifli is a very simple application to upload photos to Flickr – it is so simple that even your grandma can use it. The Orifli interface has only four buttons – Add: to add pictures for upload, Execute: to upload the added pictures, About and Quit: no need to explain…

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By Ricky on July 20th

Flickr co-founder announces new massive multilayer game

Flickr co-founder announces new massive multilayer game

Flickr co-founder, Stewart Butterfield, has returned to his root and announced a new massive multiplayer game called Glitch. In case you did not know, Flickr started out as a tool for a massive multiplayer game called Game Neverending. He left Flickr in November 2009 to go back to his original project Game Neverending.

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By Ricky on February 11th

Lifestream Backup helps to archive your online identity and data

LifestreamBackup is service that takes a backup of all your online identity and online data for a very nominal fee, so that your online identity, your Lifestream, always stays intact. This online data may include all content from the blogs you author, or may be those huge web albums you maintain at flickr and not…

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By Debjit on June 21st

Image Search Engines Shootout

Image Search Engines Shootout

When we want to search for an image or picture, most of us normally use Google, Yahoo! or Live Search. However there are plenty of lesser known image search engines out there. Digitizor pits seventeen image search engines against each other to find out the best search engines ¬†for image. The result we got were…

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By Ricky on February 15th

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