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Google Releases New Chrome App For Using Gmail Offline


Today, Google has released the offline version of Gmail as a Chrome app. The new app – called the Offline Google Mail – is based on the Gmail web apps for tablets. It uses HTML5 technologies to store your emails locally.

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By Ricky on August 31st

Google Testing A New Login Page For GMail And Google Accounts

New GMail / Google Account Login Screen

As a part of it’s continuing design revamp across all it’s online properties, search engine and internet major Google has been testing a new revamped login page for it’s GMail (Google Mail) and Google Accounts services.

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By Debjit on August 22nd

Gmail Rolling Out Five New Inbox Styles

Gmail Rolling Out Five New Inbox Styles

It seems like Google is on a roll these days after the launch of . Google is rolling out five new inbox styles for Gmail that will suite users according to the way they use Gmail.

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By Adam on July 10th

Get A Preview Of The New Clean GMail Interface – GMail+

New GMail+ Plus interface

Google is rolling out a new GMail design along with the major changes revolving around Google+. So here is how you can try this new GMail interface as a GMail theme. We call it the GMail+

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By Debjit on July 2nd

Google Reminding Users To Call Their Dads On Father’s Day

Google Reminding Users To Call Their Dads On Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and Google is playing its part by reminding GMail users in the US and Canada to call their Dads.

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By Zenobia on June 19th

Google Withdraws Support For Internet Explorer 7 And Other Older Browsers

Starting from August 1, 2011 Google will stop supporting older versions of various browsers like the Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 on all of it’s web based products such as GMail, Google Docs and more.

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By Debjit on June 6th

5 Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your GMail Usage On Google Chrome


In this article we talk about 5 Google Chrome extensions which will make sending and receiving e-mails via GMail very easy for you and making you more productive without having to open every time you want to check your mail.

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By Debjit on June 5th

Google Adds ‘People Widget’ to Gmail

Google Adds ‘People Widget’ to Gmail

Google is all set to make Gmail more informative and productive. It has recently introduced the people widget, a new Gmail feature that adds contextual information about those with whom you exchange email. During the next two weeks, Google will roll out the new feature. It will appear on the right hand side of the…

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By Nihal on May 28th

Google and AOL Connect Gmail, Gtalk and AIM

Google and AOL Connect Gmail, Gtalk and AIM

Google and AOL have taken their instant messaging partnership to a new height with almost complete interoperability among AIM, Gmail and Google Talk. Now Google’s users can invite their AIM buddies to chat just by entering their AOL screen names, even if they don’t have or use an AIM account themself. This has been implemented in all…

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By Nihal on May 21st

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