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Test Your Music Knowledge With The Rhino Musical Aptitude Test

Test Your Music Knowledge With The Rhino Musical Aptitude Test

If you want to challenge your musical knowledge, here is an app for you. This iPhone app will prove you wrong if you think  you know a lot in music. The app has got enough in it to appeal to those who want to see whether they know absolutely everything about every mainstream band that’s played…

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By Nihal on May 30th
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Apple Goes For smaller SIM Cards To Design Thinner iPhones

Apple Goes For smaller SIM Cards To Design Thinner iPhones

Who knew that these small SIM cards add up to the thickness of phone, so much that now Apple has considered to go for even smaller SIM card standard which would eventually help it to produce thinner iPhones. The proposed SIM card is smaller than the micro-SIM card used in iPhone 4 and iPad. The chief executive of…

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By Nihal on May 25th
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Your iPhone Is Keeping Track Of Everywhere You Have Been


  Security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan have discovered a secret feature on the iPhone that should send privacy advocates into a tizzy. Presenting their findings at the Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco, the researchers said that the iPhone keeps track of where it has been and stores the data in a secret…

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By Ricky on April 20th
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Is Apple Throttling Performance Of Web Apps In iOS?


According to developers and tests carried out by The Register, there is a very serious performance difference when web apps are launched from the iPhone home screen and when they are launched from the mobile Safari browser.

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By Ricky on March 15th
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Google Translate For iPhone Gets Speech Input


Google translate for iPhone has got a major overhaul. Earlier, it was available only as a web app, but yesterday Google has released a native app for iPhone. The new app has all the features of the earlier web app and a few more. However it is not nearly as feature rich as the Android…

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By Ricky on February 9th
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Google Updates Goggles – Solves Sudoku Now!

Google updates Goggles - Now solves Sudoku

Google has released an update to its image recognition app – Google Goggles. The new update (version 1.3) brings a lot of improvements and a really cool feature – the app can now solve the popular number based puzzle Sudoku.

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By Ricky on January 11th
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Microsoft Finally Puts Out Some Number – Is The Windows Phone 7 Doomed?

Microsoft Finally Puts Out Some Number – Is The Windows Phone 7 Doomed?

Today Microsoft have published some numbers – they have sold 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices to carriers and retailers in six weeks.

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By Ricky on December 21st
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Sony Brings Playstation To Android & iOS

Sony Brings Playstation To Android & iOS

Sony has brought the Playstation experience to Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) platforms with its first official PlayStation app. This app is however very different from the mobile gaming platform on which Sony has been working for some time.

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By Debjit on December 20th
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VLC May Be Removed From The Apple’s App Store

Understandably many users are happy that VLC has made it to the App Store. However, it has not gone down too well with the developers of VLC and Rémi Denis-Courmont, one of the chief developers of VLC, have sent a copyright infringement notice to Apple.

 Apple   Featured   iOS   News  

By Ricky on November 1st
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