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How To Quit And Restart Fennec (Firefox For Mobile) On Android?

Fennec Logo

If you have been using an Android OS powered mobile phone, then you may have noticed that there is no way to quit or exit an application as Android automatically pauses applications when they are in the background and closes them when free memory is needed after more new applications are opened. In this article we…


By Debjit on April 28th
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Watch MTV Roadies 8 Online & On Mobile [India]

MTV Roadies 8 logo

MTV Roadies is currently in it’s eighth season and is titled as “Shortcut To Hell” because the second half of this 8th season took place in China (which is otherwise also known as Shortcut To Hell) and the tasks which the roadies were made to perform in China were very difficult. Auditions were held in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

 India   Video  

By Zenobia on February 7th
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8 Awesome Holiday Tips From Google

8 Awesome Holiday Tips From Google

The holiday season is here and Google has come up with some useful tips which will help you to use Google products more effectively and plan better holidays with your folks.

 Google   Lists  

By Debjit on December 21st
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Mozilla Plans A “Mobile Device Independent” App Store

Mozilla Plans A “Mobile Device Independent” App Store

Mozilla wants to make it big in the Mobile world and has revealed it’s plans about an unique mobile app store in it’s annual report – “The State of Mozilla” which was released recently. Mozilla has designed a prototype of mobile app store and plans to call it a “Open Web App ecosystem”.

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By Debjit on November 22nd
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iPhone 4G Confirmed? Hints From Apple

There is a high chance that Apple is Going to Roll out the iPhone 4G soon!

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By Debjit on May 27th
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A Desktop / Web Language Translator Based On Silverlight [Works On Windows Phone 7]

A Desktop / Web Language Translator Based On Silverlight [Works On Windows Phone 7]

In this article we will tell you about one such Language Translator tool based on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology using which you can quickly translate between four different languages.

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By Debjit on May 13th
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Google Is iPad Ready: 5 Google Offerings For The iPad

Google Is iPad Ready: 5 Google Offerings For The iPad

With the launch of this glorious device – the iPad – from Apple, many Google web services and offerings have been customized to meet the special needs of iPad display. In this article we will tell you about these web-services that have been customized and how.

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By Debjit on April 4th
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4G coming to blow your senses

How do you improve upon something as good as 3G ? Simple, move on to 4G. Without any doubt,3G was the next best thing in mobile data communication after EDGE/GPRS.  I mean with download speeds as high as 7mbps, 3G redefined the way we thought of mobile broadband connectivity. But everything that has a beginning…

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By digitalcoconut on March 13th
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Facebook’s New Sign Out Page Invites You To Try Facebook Mobile

It seems that Facebook is doing a lot of hard work to make their Mobile version noticeable. So now when you log out of your Facebook account from a desktop computer, you can see an invitation that asks you to try the Facebook Mobile.


By Debjit on March 5th
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