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Four Awesome MyBlogLog Alternatives

Four Awesome MyBlogLog Alternatives

Now that MyBlogLog has been officially discontinued, it is time for moving to some other good Blogging networks so that you can continue to engage your readers and promote healthy discussions among them. In this article we will tell you about three awesome alternatives to the MyBlogLog service which you can use for your Blogs….

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By Adam on March 24th

Yahoo! Officially Discontinues MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog Logo

Almost three months back we had told you that Yahoo! would be most probably discontinuing two of it’s popular web based services: MyBlogLog and Well, it has happened as Yahoo! has officially discontinued it’s MyBlogLog service and we think will follow soon (or may be not). [More] Four Awesome MyBlogLog alternatives for your…


By Zenobia on March 24th

Yahoo To Shut Down and MyBlogLog

Yahoo To Shut Down and MyBlogLog

We have just learned that Yahoo! is planning to shut down two of it’s very popular web based services – and MyBlogLog. Looks like Yahoo! is now a place where startups go to die!

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By Zenobia on December 17th

How to stop your picture from appearing in the MyBlogLog widget in other blogs?

How to stop your picture from appearing in the MyBlogLog widget in other blogs?

In case you do not want your profile picture to show up on the MyBlogLog widgets of those blogs, then we have a short tip for you.

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By Debjit on October 14th

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