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New Year – Change Copyright Year In Your Website Footer In One Go!

Change copyright date-year in footer

So its that time of the New Year when you have to change the dates in the footer next to the copyright symbol on your website. It can be cumbersome task if you have many pages in your website and there is no common footer file for these pages – which means you will have…

 How-To   Programming  

By Debjit on January 3rd
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How To Check If A Date Is Valid Using PHP In Codeigniter, CakePHP or Zend

PHP Valid / Invalid Date Checker

User inputted data is something that should always be necessarily validated at the server side before storing it in the database. In this article we will tell you how to validate a date and check it on the server side using PHP. This date validation technique can be used very well in PHP based frameworks…

 How-To   Programming  

By Adam on December 29th
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How To Use Cakephp Sessions In External PHP Script?

CakePHP Sessions

CakePHP is a fantastic framework that lets you build any website from grounds up and that too very quickly. Although CakePHP provides all the built-in functions required for various works on a website but at times it happens that you need to access some CakePHP elements from an external script. For instance, in this article…

 How-To   Programming  

By Adam on October 25th
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How To Fix “Module php5 does not exist” Error In Apache & Linux?

PHP Logo

Sometimes installing PHP via the regular method does not help you install PHP properly and even after following the standard methods of installing all you get when trying to enable the PHP5 or the PHP module is this error: ERROR: Module php5 does not exist! Scratched your head enough already? Well here is a simple…

 How-To   Programming  

By Adam on September 3rd
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How To Fix The “UID of script is smaller than min_uid” Error in Apache / Linux?

When you transfer your files from one server to another it might be quite possible that you also copy the permissions and ownership of the files from the originating server to the destination server. In this case you can possibly run into huge permission issues which can lead your website to not display properly if…


By Adam on July 6th
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How To Setup & Install MongoDB, PHP & Apache On An Ubuntu Server

MongoDB Logo

In one of our recent website app projects, we planned to use MongoDB as our main database. Since we are hardcore PHP guys, we do not even think of developing in some other language although we love Python a lot! In this article we will tell you in a step by step manner, how to…

 Database   How-To   Programming  

By Adam on February 19th
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PHP 5.4 To Have A Built-In Development Web Server

PHP 5.4 to have a built in webserver

Well, here is some really good news for the PHP Development community. Till now (as of PHP 5.3) all developers had to set up a web-server environment such as Apache in order to test all their PHP codes. Not only this, apart from installing the server environment developers also have to configure the necessary modules…

 News   Programming   Web  

By Adam on December 22nd
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How To Load Different View For Mobile Devices In CodeIgniter [PHP]

If you are developing a website/webapp, you would no doubt want to make it accessible to those using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. as well. Because of the limitation in the capabilities of these devices and the limited screen real estate, special consideration has to be taken to ensure that it works properly. Of…


By Ricky on December 5th
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How To Set Maximum Number of Tables To Display In PHPMyAdmin?

PHPMyAdmin is a really handy web based tool that helps database and web administrators to keep a track of their application databases in a really simple way from anywhere around the world. So, recently I was working on a really big database as a part of some client work. The database was quite huge and…

 Programming   Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit on December 2nd
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