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Microsoft Releasing Kinect For Windows SDK This Spring


There is no doubt that Microsoft Kinect is an amazing product. Although the Kinect games may be a bit lacking, because of hackers, Kinect is being used for all sot of amazing applications. Initially though, Microsoft discouraged Kinect hacking. However once they saw what hackers have been able to do with Kicnect, they promptly went…

 Hacks   Microsoft   News  

By Ricky on February 22nd

How To @ Tag An User While Publishing A Post Via Facebook Graph API

How To @ Tag An User While Publishing A Post Via Facebook Graph API

One of the most popular features on Facebook is tagging people in photos, videos, notes, status updates and other posts. It just helps you connect better with friends when you describe something on Facebook. So whenever you want to tag a friend on Facebook,  just include the “@” symbol and as you type the name,…

 Facebook   Programming  

By Debjit on January 24th

How To Resize iFrame & Remove Scrollbar From Your iFrame Facebook App?

Facebook iFrame Applications are the easiest way to get onto Facebook Application development without knowing much of Facebook’s own markup language – FBML. However there is a limitation to using the iFrame based Facebook apps due to the appearance of ugly scrollbars in the content. In this article we will tell you how to resize iFrame & remove scrollbar from your iFrame Facebook app.

 How-To   Programming  

By Debjit on January 13th

How To install Android development environment in Ubuntu

How To install Android development environment in Ubuntu

Android has become a very popular OS for mobile phone with more and more manufacturers launching Android powered phones. As a result Android app development has become a very popular. Android development requires the Android development environment. In this article, we will show you how you can install Android development environment in Ubuntu.

 Android   How-To   Linux   OS   Programming   Software  

By Ricky on February 2nd

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