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SQL Injection – 2 (Fingerprinting)

This is a follow up to the post SQL Injection – An Introduction. ┬áIf you are new to this, I stongly suggest you read the introduction first. In this article we shall discuss how to fingerprint the common databases managenet system backend. This forms the first part of a successful SQL Injection attack as different…

 Database   Hacks   Security   Web  

By Ricky on March 27th

SQL Injection – 1 (Introduction)

In this post we shall discuss a very common method of hacking a website (or rather, a database) called SQL Injection. The object of this post is not to help anyone destroy/deface other websites, but to help you protect your website from such an attack. In this post I shall explain the basics of how…

 Database   Hacks   Programming   Security  

By Ricky on January 31st

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