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Google Earth 6 Released – Integrated Street Vew, 3D Trees and More

Google Earth 6 Released – Integrated Street Vew, 3D Trees and More

Yesterday Google released a new version of Google Earth – Google Earth 6. This new version comes with two new features – Integrated Street View and 3D trees. The historical imagery feature has also been improved. Here are the improvements in a bit more details:

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By Ricky on November 30th

Google Admits To Collecting WiFi Data

Google Admits To Collecting WiFi Data

In a blog post, Google has admitted that it has been inadvertently collecting WiFi data through its Street View cars. Earlier Google has told the Data Protection Authority (DPA) in Hamburg, Germany that their Street View cars collect publicly broadcast SSID information (the WiFi network name) and MAC addresses; but no payload data. In the blog post,…

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By Ricky on May 16th

Google in EU’s firing line again! This time with Street View

Google seems to be having a very tough time in Europe this month. There was the case where their executives were convicted in Italy and their search engine algorithm was called into questioned. Now another trouble seems to be brewing with its Street View feature in Google Maps. Reuters reported about a letter from EU…

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By Ricky on February 27th

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