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How To Install Firefox 5 Beta In Ubuntu Using PPA

Firefox 5 In Ubuntu

With the new accelerated development (or rather versioning) of Firefox, Firefox 5 beta had been released a few days back. In this post, we will tell you how to install from Mozilla’s PPA. As of now, there are not much visible changes between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. There are a few improvements under the…

 How-To   Linux  

By Ricky on May 24th

Steadyflow Is An Easy To Use Download Manager For Ubuntu


Steadyflow is an easy to use download manager for Ubuntu. The application is currently available for Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” and Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot”. With the latest release, Steadyflow has got some new features which makes it a very good option if you are looking for a download manager. Features Here is a brief…

 How-To   Linux  

By Ricky on May 23rd

Ubuntu Developer Summit Oneiric Roundup


This year’s Ubuntu Developer Summit was held at Budapest in Hungary. There were a lot of interesting developments regarding Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” which is scheduled for release in October 2011. In this article, we list the most important news from the Ubuntu Developer Summit Oneiric. 200 million users in 4 years In the opening keynote, Mark…

 Linux   News  

By Ricky on May 17th

Ubuntu 11.10 To Switch From GDM To LightDM

Mockup of a LightDM based Login Screen

Earlier, during the Natty development cycle we reported that LightDM is being considered as a replacement for GDM. That did not happen for Ubuntu 11.04, but today it has been confirmed at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest that LightDM is finally replacing GDM. LightDM, just like GDM, is a log-in manager. It offers almost all the…

 Linux   News  

By Zenobia on May 12th

Mark Shuttleworth: Our Goal Is 200 Million Ubuntu Users In 4 Years


Delivering the keynote at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest, Hungary, Canonical Founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has announced that the goal of Canonical is 200 million Ubuntu users in four years. Canonical has not officially not provide any data on how many Ubuntu users are there currently – in fact it, is quite difficult to track…

 Linux   News  

By Ricky on May 9th

Display Download Progress In Unity Launcher Using UnityFox [Ubuntu 11.04]


For all the Unity fans, here is a cool plugin for Firefox which better integrates Firefox with Unity. UnityFox is an extension for Firefox which adds a progress bar for downloads in the Firefox icon in the Unity launcher. The extension is currently in development and has not been reviewed by Mozilla yet. But if…

 Linux   Tips & Tricks  

By Ricky on May 6th

Thoughts On Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” After Using It For A Day


As you should know, Ubuntu 11.04 was released yesterday. I have used the development builds of Ubuntu 11.04 on and off during the development cycle. However, it is not a very good idea to do to do a review during the development phase. So, as soon as the final release of Ubuntu 11.04 was available,…

 Linux   Reviews  

By Zenobia on April 30th

How To Update An Old Ubuntu ISO To Ubuntu 11.04 Using zsync

ubuntu -1104

Ubuntu 11.04 has been released earlier today and people are frantically downloading it. However, if you already have an older Ubuntu ISO – maybe the one of the beta or alpha ISO of Ubuntu 11.04 – you do not need to download the whole ISO again. Instead, you can simply update the old ISO to…

 How-To   Linux  

By Ricky on April 29th

7 Things You Might Want To Do After Installing Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”

ubuntu -1104

Now that you have finished installing the new Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”, what do you do now? In this post we list some of the things that you might want to do after installing Ubuntu 11.04. If you are in Ubuntu 10.10, to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 easily read this guide. 1. Install Ubuntu Restricted…

 General   Linux  

By Ricky on April 28th

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