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How To Disable Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer In Internet Explorer?

Disable Facebook Photo Viewer in Internet Explorer

Facebook recently rolled out the new Lightbox photo viewer which appears as a popup right inside the page. Although some users may like it, many others have have not liked this new feature in Facebook. We have already told you how to disable the Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer in Chrome And Firefox. In this article…

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By Debjit

How To Disable The Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer In Chrome And Firefox


Last week Facebook started rolling out the new Lightbox photo viewer. However, many users have been less than enthusiastic about this change. Two methods to get back to original photo viewer includes refreshing the page when Lightbox loads and removing &theater from the URL. However these are not permanent solutions. Internet Explorer users, should see…

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By Ricky

12 More New File Formats On Google Docs Viewer (And GMail Attachment Viewer)

Google Docs Logo

The GMail Attachment viewer is really a life saver as it automatically connects the attachments in your e-mail to Google Docs and lets you have a look (and edit too) at the attachments before you go ahead and download them on your system. Now, the good news is Google Docs just got better, announcing support…

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By Debjit

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