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3 Things You Must Do When You Expand Your eCommerce Store

Dedicated Servers for e-commerce websites

Most of the time, you can set up an eCommerce store for a relatively low cost. The overhead is not that significant compared to other businesses, and you have tremendous freedom to customize your eCommerce store however you want. Initially, you’ll be able to keep the costs quite low. But as your business base expands,…

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By Debjit on November 26th

Consumers Prefer Websites & Mobile Sites Over Mobile Apps – Reveals Survey

What do you prefer - Mobile site or Mobile app?

One in three online consumers will buy a tablet by 2014. More than 60% of 25-34 year olds own a smartphone these days. With these facts in place, the connected consumer is truly one of the best subjects for analysis. A recent survey by Zmags uncovers the digital habits of this connected consumer who is…

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By Debjit on January 18th

OpenDNS Publishes Its 2010 Report – Facebook Is The Most Blacklisted Website


There is no doubt that OpenDNS is one of the largest third-party DNS service available. They claim that they resolve 30 billion DNS queries everyday – that is 1% of the total DNS queries in the world. OpenDNS also has a DNS Filtering service. It allows parents, schools, offices etc. to block certain contents. OpenDNS…

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By Ricky on February 3rd

Google Launches Their Google TV Website

Google Launches Their Google TV Website

Internet giant Google is all set to enter your living room. At the Google I/O in May this year, Google announced Google TV. Google TV is expected to be available starting next week. Today they have launched the website for Google TV. With the site, Google has finally shed some light on the features of…

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By Ricky on October 4th

14 Websites For Students – Homework Help & Knowledge [From Microsoft]

14 Websites For Students – Homework Help & Knowledge [From Microsoft]

Microsoft at home has release a list of 14 websites which can help students get more productive by assimilation the dearth of information available on the internet. The websites have been classified into three categories- Web Literacy & General Reference, English & History and Math & Science. Students can also use these websites to research…

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By Zenobia on September 23rd

Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work Website

Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work Website

Looks like Playboy is not satisfied with people visiting their website just from their homes. Apparently they want people to visit their website from work too. So they have a launched a new safe-for-work site, which will contain no nudity. The site, called TheSmokingJacket, is named after Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s favorite pieces of clothing.

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By Ricky on July 21st

Ruby On Rails Derailed: Website Hacked?

Ruby On Rails Derailed: Website Hacked?

Update: Bruce Perens, the creator of the Open Source Definition and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, has told us that David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby On Rails, forgot to renew the domain. So, it was not a hack just a domain expiration afterall. While we were looking at the Ruby On Rails…

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By Ricky on April 21st

Block Ads on Websites Without Installing A Plugin On Your Browser

Block Ads on Websites Without Installing A Plugin On Your Browser

There already are many plug-ins and add-ons for various web browsers ┬áthat remove ads from all the websites you visit and provide you with a clean and clutter-free format of ┬áthe website for a better reading experience. But again installing add-ons and plug-ins in your browser tend to make it consume more system resources. In…

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By Debjit on February 22nd

KDE website gets major redesign for the new KDE SC 4.4 release

KDE website gets major redesign for the new KDE SC 4.4 release

Just in time for the new KDE SC 4.4, which is due to be released in a few hours, the KDE web team has finally brought out the all new KDE.ORG and BUZZ.KDE.ORG websites. The KDE web team has been working on the new design since November last year at Stuttgart, where the KDE branding…

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By Ricky on February 9th

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