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Intouch IT7150 Digital Photo Frame comes with Wi-Fi, Internet Radio, RSS support

The Intouch IT7150 is not just any other good looking Digital Photo Frame, its much more than that. Besides showing regular slideshows, this device can play videos, stream Internet radio stations through Wi-Fi, fetch RSS updates (RSS 2.0). Its got a high resolution 7 inch (800 x 480) touch screen display, stereo speakers, 128 MB…

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By digitalcoconut

G.Skill releases very high capacity DDR3 RAM kits

G.Skill, the Taiwan based manufacturer of extreme performance memory and solid-state storage devices, has released its series of very high capacity ultra fast DDR3 RAM kits. Available in capacities of 8GB (2GBx4) and 12GB (2GBx6) and running at frequencies ranging from 1333 to 2200 MHz, these memory devices will be able to handle almost anything…

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By digitalcoconut

LG Arena Max, successor to Arena, leaked

LG Arena Max LU 9400, successor to the current highly successful Arena, is almost ready or so it seems.  The news about the existence of the phone was revealed at the Wi-Fi Alliance, where it received the Wi-Fi Inter-operability Certification. LG, which is currently the third largest cell phone manufacturer of world, has sold more…

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By digitalcoconut

Kohjinsha now selling its Dual Screen DZ Series Laptops

Stuck with your laptop’s diminutive display or tired of carrying the external display wherever you go with your laptop ? Not anymore, Kohjinsha has come out with something which would surely be able to satisfy the fundamental human need for that extra amount of display area (which never is enough until you posses some substantial…

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By digitalcoconut

Buffalo dives into USB 3.0, unveils 12x Blu-ray burner, external HDDs

USB 3.0 ‘superspeed’ has not yet arrived (expected to roll out with all due respect early next year), but that’s not stopping hardware giants from launching products that support USB 3.0. This time its Buffalo, who have went ahead and launched their first USB 3.0 External HDD (DriveStation HD-HXU3) and a 12x Blu-ray burner (BR-X1216U3)…

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By digitalcoconut

MSI launches X-Slim X430, goes with AMD instead of Intel

MSI appends another notebook to its ‘X-Slim’ series by launching the X430. Its their latest offering in the increasingly popular ‘ultra-thin feather-light’ category. MSI has gone with AMD’s second generation Athlon Neo X2 dual core processor ditching Intel. Although this move was somewhat expected, but nevertheless it did raise some eye-brows as most of MSI’s…

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By digitalcoconut

New Firmware update for Amazon Kindle 2, brings native PDF support, 85% improved battery life

Amazon’s Kindle 2 is all set to receive a heavy dosage of much needed improvements in the  form of a firmware update. The update is a result of about 6 months of rigorous work. So what do we have in store this time ? To begin with, we will finally be having native PDF support…

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By digitalcoconut

Mozilla Firefox turns 5

Yes, our very favourite Firefox is now 5 years older. Launched way back in 2004, Firefox has definitely revolutionized the way we used to browse the World Wide Web. It added new wings to the browser’s capabilities by introducing the ‘ add-ons ’. Thank you Firefox for everything ! 🙂

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By digitalcoconut

No USB 3.0 support for Intel Chipsets until 2011

The next generation USB 3.0 ‘Superspeed’ was unable to raise much interest of the chip manufacturing giant from Santa Clara and now it is almost certain that Intel chipsets won’t be supporting USB 3.0 in the immediate future ( at least not before 2011 ).

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By digitalcoconut

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