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7 Changing Trends Of Digital Marking; Upcoming Indian Digital Marketing Trends

7 Changing Trends Of Digital Marking; Upcoming Indian Digital Marketing Trends

Digital World never sleeps. It works and grows consistently as it connects itself with devices like Smartphone, Internet, TV, Computers etc. The scope and growth of Digital Marketing has left non-digital marketers stunned. The demand has been growing and it has already changed the shape and future of Digital World. There are two main strategies…

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By Zenobia

3 Things You Should Know Before Switching to Windows 8

Windows 8 Metro UI Laptops

After the epic fail we know as Vista, Microsoft needed to send its sweethearts some candy and flowers. Windows 7 helped, but customers remained leery about how the aging giant can compete in the new age of mobile technology. Enter Windows 8, an experience unlike any other on a desktop computer. What’s So Different About…

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By Zenobia

[Infographic] Mobile Phone Ringtones – Download Stats & Popularity

Mobile Phone Ringtones Infographic

Many people still love a good ringtone, in spite of their waning popularity in the United States. Abroad, people of all ages are buying ringtones increasingly, in spite of industry projections that the entire market will collapse in the next twenty years. Lil Wayne holds the prestigious rank of most popular ringtone ever (for his…


By Zenobia

Tablets Are Taking Over the Computing Market

Newspapers Looking to Tablet Apps for revenue

In the world of technology, change happens quickly. The cutting-edge can become the obsolete in the blink of an eye, and that has never been truer than it is today. The explosion in popularity of tablets could one day soon render the once-dominant laptop and PC obsolete. According to NPD DisplaySearch, tablets will surpass laptop…

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By Zenobia

Build your Own Android based Kiosk Device to run Web Applications

Build a Web Kiosk that runs on Android

Web kiosks are growing in popularity rather quickly. Those Kiosks are convenient, and people find that they enjoy having control over their groceries, food order, movie tickets, or pretty much just about anything. It is becoming more common for people to turn to a kiosk instead of a human just to try and expedite things…

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By Zenobia

6 Video Chat Trends – Why Webcam Chat Is Getting Popular

Webcam based Video Chat

Web video chat has become increasingly popular in the past could of years. Businesses are taking more advantage of video chat capabilities in and out of the office. Families who are separated across long distances are relying more on video chat services than ever before. Young people are leading the video chat revolution through their…

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By Zenobia

Best Devices for Tethering

The Internet is becoming more of a mobile product than ever, but many of the solutions for on-the-go Internet access are cumbersome. Home Wi-Fi networks don’t offer mobility. Products such as dedicated 3G or 4G hotspots are a decent solution, but they require you to carry around an extra device. Because of this, tethering stands as the best method…


By Zenobia

Amazon Launches As In India – But NOT As An Online Store

Flipkart not included in the Product sources listings of Amazon India

Looks like the American e-commerce hot shot has finally forayed its way into the Indian territory by launching its new website The name might sound a bit weird going with Amazon but that’s how it has been. Surprisingly this new portal from Amazon for India is not an e-commerce platform at all. It…

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By Zenobia

Interview with Amit Sharma – CEO of

E-commerce is the next big thing in India, and more and more start-ups are looking to utilise the space to do business, expanding the scope of the market to unimaginable extents. Vouchersmate has tapped the greetings and gifts market, with its new online e-commerce portal. We caught up with the CEO of Vouchersmate, Amit Sharma,…

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By Zenobia

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