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How To Disable or Hide the Facebook Live Feed On Sidebar

Click the button shown by the red arrow to hide the live-feed sidebar on Facebook

In the recently concluded Facebook f8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg (the company’s CEO) showed the Live Feed on Facebook and also made the feature live on almost all user profiles worldwide. Well, to be frank I do not like this feature. I like Facebook because it offers me with a clutter free interface to connect…

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By Zenobia

Watch Facebook’s F8 Event Live

Facebook has released a lot of changes yesterday. From the looks of it users do not like and they are making it known. Well, like it or not Facebook is set to introduce a lot more changes. At the F8 event which is about to start in a few minutes, Facebook is expected to announce…

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By Zenobia

How To Remove Plus One Button From Adsense Ads?

Disable Google Plus from Adsense

We have already told you that Google will soon start displaying Plus One buttons next to Adsense ads on Publisher websites. Although, this will prove beneficial for both the Publisher and the Advertiser, but some of you may not like the idea of displaying a Plus One button next to advertisements. Please note that the…

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By Zenobia

Intel And Google Announces Partnership To Bring Android to More Devices

Intel has be trying to get into to mobile market for years without any success. They supported MeeGo in the hope that it will provide them with the software needed to get into the market. But, Nokia’s pulling out of MeeGo has affected their plan and last week news emerged that Intel too might leave…

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By Zenobia

Speed Dial Coming In Firefox 9

Speed Dial is a feature first introduced by Opera almost four years. It is basically a grid of the top websites you visit. From my experience, this is a very convenient way to get to my favorite websites after firing up the browser. This feature has been adopted by Google Chrome as well. Recently, Opera…

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By Zenobia

Facebook Says That Google+ Has No Users

There is no denying the growing competition between the social networking giant, Facebook, and Google’s new social network, Google+. There is no denying that Google+ is one of Google’s most ambitious projects to data and they have Facebook worried. Facebook has been rolling out a number of new features recently in reply to Google+. In…

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By Zenobia

Get Your Free Spotify Invite From Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra offering free Spotify Invites

The Manchester Orchestra is now offering free Spotify invites for you. Thanks to them. Just head over to their website and grab a Spotify invite for free right now!

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By Zenobia

Spotify Gets Greeted In US By Being Sued For Patent Infringement

Spotify Gets Greeted In US By Being Sued For Patent Infringement

It was only two weeks ago that the music streaming service Spotify finally landed in the United States. In the third week since it landed in the US, Spotify has been greeted with the current trend in the US tech industry – a lawsuit.


By Zenobia

Google + 1 Being Sold At $20 For 50

Many websites have started offering Google +1 in exchange for money. A website is offering +1s at the rate of $20 for 50, $70 for 250 and $350 for 2000. Apparently, all of these +1 will not come from bots.

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By Zenobia

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