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Windows 8 to be launched in October, tablets powered by OS to follow

Windows 8 Logo

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is almost done working on Windows 8 which is currently running in Consumer Preview and is set to launch it sometime in October this year. Along with the launch of the touch-centric OS, Microsoft is also looking to launch tablets and PCs powered by Windows 8, and this…

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By Debjit

Firefox 13 Aurora Has Support For SPDY, Mobile User Agent & Advanced Developer Tools

Download Firefox 13 Aurora

Firefox 13 is now debuting the Aurora channel, after the entry of Firefox 12 in beta channel, and the release of Firefox 11 last week. Users who’ve already started using Firefox 11 will be in for some major changes once Firefox 13 is out. The Aurora channel will witness the most significant changes that will…

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By Debjit

Latest Mozilla Thunderbird Now Supports IM, Chat, IRC, Facebook & Twitter

Mozilla Thunderbird gets support for Chat Client

The new Mozilla Thunderbird with Firefox 11 is now available, and we can see some noticeable changes and enhancements in the browser. It has an updated Gecko engine, but more interestingly, some major support for instant messaging and chat for users. While the Thunderbird 13 boasts of these features, they aren’t fully complete yet. So…

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By Debjit

New Linux kernel 3.3 Includes Android Code And Additional Features

Linux 3.3 Kernel & Android

The new version of the Linux kernel called Version 3.3 which was to be released about a week ago, has finally come out with some interesting and useful features. The most important of these is the availability of the Android kernel code along with additional feature upgrades for networking and processing architecture support. Since a…

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By Debjit

Facebook Goes Down In Northern Europe

Facebook goes down in Twitter

Looks like the social networking website is not available currently to users in Northern Europe. Twitter is already abuzz with updates from various users complaining about not opening. This is the second time after a year when Facebook went down. Checkout this screenshot from Twitter search about the search tag #facebookdown Facebook goes…

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By Debjit

Apple App Store could be headed for major improvement with Chomp acquisition

Chomp Logo

Everyone who’s ever bought an iPhone has always wondered which are the best apps around, which they must try. Be it games, business or other utility apps, the list is endless when it comes to the Apple App Store. The availability and choice of apps has always been a new user’s prime concern, who is…

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By Debjit

Microsoft’s Office 15 to have “touch-mode” to enlarge ribbon, provide easy typing

Microsoft Office 15

The forthcoming Office 15 suite from Microsoft will, according to a select few who have access to the Technical Preview of Office 15, have “touch-mode” to help enlarge the ribbon interface along with other UI elements which are there in apps. The feature has been introduced by Microsoft is a number of applications through a…

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By Debjit

Motorola wins patent infringement case against Apple

Apple halts iCloud push services in Germany

A patent infringement case involving Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe push mail services in Germany against a European patent owned by Motorola, as gone in the favor of the latter. A court in Germany had ruled that Apple infringed on Motorola’s patent and that the services in question must be halted in Germany immediately. Apple has…

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By Debjit

More People Are Unfriending On Facebook – Bored Of Facebook?

Gender & Privacy

A new study by Pew has revealed that people on social networks are now beginning to recognize and use the privacy settings provided, especially on Facebook to avoid unwanted friend requests and people on their friend lists. In other words, users are now becoming more selective and unfriending on Facebook to try and “clean” their…

 Facebook   News  

By Debjit

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