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Appointy: Keeping New Businesses Around The World Busy – From Bhopal (India)!

Appointy - Seamless Integration With iOS, Android and other mobile devices

Finding new clients has never been easier for SMBs, thanks to Appointy, a new SaaS appointment scheduling start-up based in Bhopal. Operating in over 78 countries and being used by over 19,000 businesses, this online scheduling software helps SMBs find clients and keep their appointment books full, and businesses running. Appointy uses social networking platforms…

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By Debjit

8 Awesome Holiday Tips From Google

8 Awesome Holiday Tips From Google

The holiday season is here and Google has come up with some useful tips which will help you to use Google products more effectively and plan better holidays with your folks.

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By Debjit

Google to stop supporting IE6 in GMail, Google Calendar as well

Google to stop supporting IE6 in GMail, Google Calendar as well

Last week, Google announced that they will stop the supporting Internet Explorer 6 in Google Apps. Now according to a Ars Technica report, Google is also ending support of the Internet Explorer 6 in GMail and Google Calendar as well later in 2010. Google did not reveal this last bit of news in the emails…

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By Ricky

WebElements from Google – Integrating Google services with your website was never so easy

Google WebElements are a collection of eight different widgets for your website. The integration of these widgets or services with your website have been made very easy by Google that you just need to copy simple code snippets from the Google WebElelements website and paste them onto your website at suitable locations to show these…

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By Debjit

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