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4G coming to blow your senses

How do you improve upon something as good as 3G ? Simple, move on to 4G. Without any doubt,3G was the next best thing in mobile data communication after EDGE/GPRS.  I mean with download speeds as high as 7mbps, 3G redefined the way we thought of mobile broadband connectivity. But everything that has a beginning…

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WiGig Alliance releases detailed specifications for its 60 GHz wireless technology, promises to support 7 Gbps transfer speeds

The WiGig or Wireless Gigabit Alliance completed the initial set of specifications for its 60GHz Wireless Technology, which is all set to raise the bar for wireless connectivity to new heights. The WiGig wireless technology will be using the frequency of 60 GHz in order to communicate as compared to the current best wireless technology…

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