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Mac App Store Paid App Receipt Validation Cracked

Mac App Store Paid App Receipt Validation Cracked

Barely 24 hours have passed since Apple introduced the Mac App Store and it seems like the receipt validation of the apps has been cracked already. The method used to crack the validation is dead simple – it can be done by anyone with a text editor. It only involves copying reciept and info.plist data…

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By Ricky

Ubisoft’s ‘Uncrackable’ DRM lasts barely 24 hours

Ubisoft’s recently announced that a new DRM scheme for PC games that many claimed would be uncrackable. It appears that this DRM has been busted in 24 hours. The DRM mechanism in question, rolled out initially in Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin’s Creed 2, took a new approach in that it relied on having a constant…


By Ricky

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