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How To Show FBML Facebook Friend Invite Form In An IFRAME App?

How To Show FBML Facebook Friend Invite Form In An IFRAME App?

If you are a Facebook developer then you cannot sideline the importance of the Facebook Friend Invite form that run’s on Facebook’s own markup language FBML. The friend Invite form is one of the best ways to make your application go viral and let users share your application with their friends. In this article we…

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By Debjit

The Facebook Phonebook

The Facebook Phonebook

In case you lost your mobile phone, and eventually the contacts too, you need not worry unless you are a regular on Facebook. By regular I mean your network on FB is kind of vast and is outgoing. There are 50% chances that your friends will have entered some valid Phone number. And you can…

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By Debjit

People you may know: Suggestions come to facebook

If you have recently logged on to your Facebook account, you must have noticed this Bar on the right hand column of your Facebook page showing you some profiles which are already friends with many of those which you are friends with. Cutting down the crap, its just an enhancement of the Mutual friends feature…

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By Debjit

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