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How to install the new Pidgin 2.6 on Fedora Linux?

In this article we will tell you how to go about installing the all new Pidgin 2.6 on a Fedora Linux system.

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By Debjit

Fedora 11 Leonidas – Reference Cheat Sheet

Fedora 11 Leonidas – Reference Cheat Sheet

Fedora 11 Leonidas is yet another rocking linux distro from the Fedora Community. Fedora 11 has some really nice features such as finger print reader login, 10 second boot up and more. So that your experience with Fedora 11 is as smooth as it was our’s, we have prepared a cheat-sheet for the brand new…

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By Debjit

How to fix the “Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml)” error in Fedora?

Update: This problem has now been resolved by the Fedora Community. But you may still not be able to download the updates properly from the mirrors due to the busy network and rush. The recently released Fedora 11 Leonidas has some issues with it’s regular update process. Many users are getting a strange error which…

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By Debjit

Fedora 11 Alpha released

Fedora 11 Alpha released

Fedora users who cannot wait for the next fedora release rejoice. The Fedora Project has oficially announced the release of Fedora 11 (Leonidas) Alpha. Be aware though that the alpha release, like all the alpha releases, is mainly targeted at developers and testers. The Fedora Project, however, has been kind enough to include a installable…

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By Ricky

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