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The “Facebook Keyboard” Is Here!

Facebook Keyboard

Though not from Facebook, but S.N.A.K – Social Networks Access Keyboard can be termed as a Facebook Keyboard in true sense. S.N.A.K has 19 extra keys (11 on the left side & 8 on the right side) for performing various Facebook operations such as posting status updates, posting comments, liking posts and uploading photos on…

 Facebook   Gadgetizor  

By Debjit

Google Chrome 10 Launched: Password Sync & New Settings Interface

Chrome Logo

Chrome has graduated to the 10th grade after Google officially announced the availability of Google Chrome 10. This new version of Chrome has a plethora of new features and is available for download on all Linux, Windows and Macintosh OS platforms. Chrome 10 is very fast and pages load within a blink of your eye…

 Google   News  

By Zenobia

Kaspersky introduces hardware-based antivirus systems

Kaspersky introduces hardware-based antivirus systems

Kaspersky Lab has patented a hardware-based antivirus solution in the United States. The device is supposed to scan all data passed from the hard disk to the CPU and RAM, blocking any malicious code it detects. The device is said to be particularly effective at blocking rootkits or bootkits, complex threats that inject themselves into…

 Computers   General   News   Security  

By Ricky

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