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Review of rekonq 0.5

Review of rekonq 0.5

A while ago, we explained how you can install rekonq 0.5 in Kubuntu. rekonq is going to become the default web browser in Kubuntu 10.10. But, how good is rekonq? Does it have private browsing mode? How is its Javascript performance? We attempt to find out.

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By Ricky

How To Install rekong 0.5 In (K)Ubuntu [From Source]

How To Install rekong 0.5 In (K)Ubuntu [From Source]

rekonq, the KDE web-browser which is going to replace Konqueror in Kubuntu 10.10, has just got its first stable release as rekonq 0.5. Right now, it is available only as a source and binaries are not yet available. If you want to install rekonq 0.5 in Kubuntu, we will explain how you can do it…

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By Ricky

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