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Kubuntu Netbook Remix Is Now Dead – But Not Really!

The Kubuntu Team have unceremoniously decided to kill off Kubuntu Netbook Remix. When Kubuntu 10.10 is released this September, there will be no Kubuntu Netbook Remix. This does not however mean that Kubuntu will not be available for Netbook. Kubuntu Netbook Remix is basically Kubuntu with the KDE Plasma Netbook interface instead of the KDE…

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By Ricky

Ubuntu Karmic Koala netbook remix [video & screenshots]

Ubuntu Karmic Koala netbook remix [video & screenshots]

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a actually a minor modification of the of the standard Ubuntu Desktop edition to enable it to work better on devices with small screens, such as netbooks (sub-notebooks) and mobile devices

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By Debjit

Getting Ready For Karmic Koala – Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu …. Which one should you use?

The final release of Karmic Koala comes out in a week. Of all the variants of Karmic Koala coming out, Ubuntu is undoubtably the most well know with the largest userbase. While most of the long time users will have no doubts regarding which variant they want to use, new users tend to not know…

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By Ricky

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