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How to Sync Nexus One with Rythmbox Music Player

How to Sync Nexus One with Rythmbox Music Player

The Ubuntu One Music Store is coming in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx in Rythmbox. This means that Canonical is planning to have Rythmbox as a the “iTune of Ubuntu”. With iPhones/iPod Touch now working out-of-the-box in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, it seems all good for Rythmbox. However, there is still a problem with Rythmbox not being…

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By Ricky

Sync your iPhone Music Libary With Rhythmbox in Ubuntu Karmic (No Jailbreaking Required)

From MakeTechEasier: In Mac and Windows, you can easily sync your iPhone/iPod Touch with iTunes, but in Linux, there is no easy way to sync your iDevice‚Äôs music library with any of the media player. Even if you are willing to jailbreak your phone, there are still plenty of complicated steps that you need to…


By Ricky

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