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How to set Single-click to select url in address bar in Linux versions of Firefox

You may have noticed that, the Firefox versions that ship for Linux, don`t have the ability to select the url in the address bar on single-click of a mouse, whereas this is set by default in Windows versions of Firefox. If, you feel this feature should be there in the linux version of firefox too,…

 Hacks   How-To   Linux   Pragmatism  

By Debjit

How-To capture only a specific portion of the screen in Windows 7?

Windows 7 provides you with a tool called the Snipping Tool, with the help of which you could actually select a portion of the screen whose screenshot is to be taken. This is very helpful since you are now freed of the hassle of ‘Prnt Scrn’-ing the entire screen and cropping the required portion out….

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By Debjit

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