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[Security Tip] Prevent Google From Indexing Any SQL Database Files On Your Website

In this article we will tell you 2 ways in which you can prevent search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo from indexing SQL files and database dumps on your website.

 Security   Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Adam

People you may know: Suggestions come to facebook

If you have recently logged on to your Facebook account, you must have noticed this Bar on the right hand column of your Facebook page showing you some profiles which are already friends with many of those which you are friends with. Cutting down the crap, its just an enhancement of the Mutual friends feature…

 Ideas   Networks   Programming  

By Debjit

SQL Injection – 1 (Introduction)

In this post we shall discuss a very common method of hacking a website (or rather, a database) called SQL Injection. The object of this post is not to help anyone destroy/deface other websites, but to help you protect your website from such an attack. In this post I shall explain the basics of how…

 Database   Hacks   Programming   Security  

By Ricky

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