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Google Drops H.264 Codec Support In Chrome To Focus On Open Codecs

The video codec H.264 is in the news again. Earlier when HTML5 video was the new rage, Firefox and Opera decided to not to support H.264 because of it is a┬áproprietary┬ácodec. Instead they decided to support the open Ogg Theora. Safari and Chrome choosed to support H.264 because Theora’s performance was deemed unsatisfactory. Chrome supported…

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By Ricky

Microsoft Says IE9 Will Support H.264 Not Theora

Microsoft Says IE9 Will Support H.264 Not Theora

Microsoft has finally jumped into the HTML5 video codec war by announcing that its next browser, Internet Explorer 9, will go with H.264 support not the open-source Theora. H.264 and Theora are video codecs which are competing with one another to be the standard codec used in HTML5. While Theora is an open-source format; H.264…

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By Ricky

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