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How To Pin Or Unpin A Website From Windows 7 Taskbar [IE 9]

IE 9 Pinned Tabs in Windows 7 Taskbar

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has a plethora of new and refreshing features such as Pinned Tabs and Desktop Notifications to name a few. Apart from this, IE 9 has a very fast Javascript Engine which renders websites very smoothly. In this article we will tell you how to pin a website to the Windows 7…


By Adam

[Windows Tip] Increase Your Productivity By Avoiding Apps That Waste Your Time

Personal Activity Monitor

Worried with your productivity at work reducing day after day? Spending lot of time on useless applications on your computer? Stop worrying. Here is an application, titled Personal Activity Monitor that will help you monitor your daily usage duration of various applications on your computer and thus you can keep a check on the use…


By Zenobia

Install Clementine Music Player In Windows & Apple Mac OS

Clementine About

Clementine is a rip-off from the famous KDE based linux music player and manager Amarok. Well, the good part about Clementine is that it is cross platform which means you can use it on Linux, Windows & Macintosh OS. The latest version of Clementine has some amazing features such as a built-in lyrics downloader and…


By Debjit

How To Install Firefox 4 In Windows 7 & Apple Mac?

Firefox 4 Logo

Mozilla Firefox 4 is now finally out for regular. This new version of Mozilla Firefox has a number of amazing enhancements and consumes less RAM than it’s older counterparts. We have been using the Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta and the Release Candidate version for quite a while now and it has been a very good…

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By Zenobia

IIS Tuner: Best Optimisation Tweaks For Microsoft IIS Server

In this article we will tell you about a tool called IIS Tuner which automatically configures your IIS server installation for optimum performance for both the server and ASP.NET applications that you may run on your IIS server. IIS Tuner takes care of all the optimisation needs so that you can pay all your attention on application development.

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By Debjit

Mozilla To Pin Firefox To The Windows 7 Taskbar By Default?

Firefox Logo

If you are a Windows 7 user then you must have seen that Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer are pinned to the Taskbar by default. Well it seems that Mozilla now plans to pin Firefox and it’s other products to that Taskbar too. Although there is no documented way to pin shortcuts programmatically to…

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By Debjit

Microsoft Kills Windows Autorun On Win 2K, Vista & XP

Microsoft has finally taken a huge step forward in order to put a check on Malicious tools which have actively used the Autorun facility to manifest themselves on the computers of millions of users. Most viruses create an Autorun.inf file in removable media ( CD – ROM / USB Drives ) in order to spread…

 Microsoft   News   Security  

By Debjit

14 New Must Download Windows 7 Themes For Holiday Season 2011

Now you can decorate your Windows 7 even better with 14 new themes from Microsoft for Windows 7. These new themes are spread across a lot of creatives.

 Eyecandy   Lists   Themes   Windows 7  

By Debjit

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

An update from AVG on Wednesday night forced all 64 bit Windows 7 systems into a continuous reboot loop. The bug has affected both the server and desktop versions of the 64bit Windows 7.

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By Debjit

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