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Articles related to ‘bing’ No Longer Appears In Bing Search After IE 7 Tax


Recently Australian online shopping portal started imposing an extra 6.8% tax on users who are using Internet Explorer 7 or below to make their purchases. Termed the “Internet Explorer Tax”, hoped that this will force users to upgrade from the outdated browser and was applauded by many. Today there is a new twist…

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By Ricky on July 9th

Microsoft Has Lost $5.5Billion On Bing Till Date; $9B On Internet Services

Microsoft's ever-increasing losses from Bing

Bing – Microsoft’s answer to Google Search was initially launched by Microsoft in June 2009 and since then Bing has only been a loss affair for Microsoft. Although Bing has been slowly increasing it’s market share in web search in the US but somehow, all this success is not converting into monetary profit for Microsoft….

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By Debjit on September 22nd

Report: Bing Accounts For 29% Of Searches In US In August

Report: Bing Accounts For 29% Of Searches In US In August

According to the latest statistics released by Experian Hitwise, Bing’s market share in on the raise in the US. According to the statistics for August, Bing accounts for 29% of the searches in the US while Google is still holding a commanding lead at 65%, Bing’s market share of 29% represents a 3% increase from…

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By Ricky on September 13th

Bing Gets Metro UI Like HTML5 Live Tiles & Ads In Organic Results

Metro UI style LIVE Tiles on Bing Search home page

Microsoft is testing Metro UI like Live information Tiles (built using HTML 5) on Bing’s homepage and Text Ads In between organic search results in Bing’s search results pages.

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By Debjit on July 26th

[Security Tip] Prevent Google From Indexing Any SQL Database Files On Your Website

In this article we will tell you 2 ways in which you can prevent search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo from indexing SQL files and database dumps on your website.

 Security   Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Adam on June 28th

Download Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Theme [Wallpapers Auto Update via RSS]

Bing Aerial Imagery Theme (wallpapers auto update via RSS)

Titled as the “Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Theme”, the wallpapers included in this theme are really amazing. They give you a breathtaking aerial view of the United States right on your desktop and auto-update via RSS.

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By Debjit on June 10th

Bing Now Shows Related iPhone Apps Within Search Results

Bing Now Shows Related iPhone Apps Within Search Results

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Bing Search which makes it very easy to find out about new, useful and relevant iPhone apps right within Bing search results.

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By Debjit on June 10th

Microsoft Sharpens Bing’s Street-level Map Images

Microsoft Sharpens Bing’s Street-level Map Images

Bing has seen many changes recently. If you take a look at a Bing map in Streetside view today, you will come to see some changes that Microsoft has made  at street-level images in Bing’s Maps search engine. These changes basically made for desktop browsers, help you take a wide look down the street to find out…

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By Nihal on June 2nd

Bing And Facebook : Relationship Deepens

Bing And Facebook : Relationship Deepens

Last year, in October, Facebook and Microsoft announced they were working together to personalizing Internet searches. Then in February this year the two companies expanded the service to include more URLs. Now the things get more interrelated as,with effect from Monday, Bing’s search results vary depending on whether the person making a request is logged…

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By Nihal on May 17th

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