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Interview with Amit Sharma – CEO of

E-commerce is the next big thing in India, and more and more start-ups are looking to utilise the space to do business, expanding the scope of the market to unimaginable extents. Vouchersmate has tapped the greetings and gifts market, with its new online e-commerce portal. We caught up with the CEO of Vouchersmate, Amit Sharma,…

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By Zenobia

Yahoo! CEO: “Google Needs To Diversify”

Yahoo! CEO: “Google Needs To Diversify”

Yes you heard it right. Carol Bartz, the Yahoo CEO, said in a BBC interview that Google needs to diversify to stay relevant. She even went on to say that search is 99.9% of Google’s bussiness and that Google has to a lot more than just search, while Google already is more than just search….


By Ricky

Meet Ubuntu Linux’s new CEO (Q&A)

Jane Silber has been chief executive of Canonical for 11 days. But she’s no outsider swooping in to take over Ubuntu Linux’s corporate sponsor. She joined Canonical in June 2004, two months after previous CEO Mark Shuttleworth founded the company with a few programmers he recruited from the Debian Linux project on which Ubuntu is…


By Ricky

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