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How To Exercise with an eReader – 3 Things To Take Care Of

Working out with an e-Reader

Working out is one of the more tedious parts of staying fit, particularly when you’re on a stationary bicycle or treadmill. Watching television or listening to music are two common methods for passing the time. Sometimes, though, you may need to be more productive with your time, or you may not be in the mood…

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By Adam

Top 7 Free E-Book Reader Apps For Windows 8 / Windows RT

Amazon Kindle Reader Windows 8 ebook reader

In today’s fast moving world E-Books are a man’s best friends. You can read them from first to last and also search through them, thanks to the ever evolving computer, web and mobile technologies. In this article we will take a look at the top 6 freely available Windows 8 e-book reader apps. If you…

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By Debjit

30 Free Programming E-Books

Here is a list of 30 amazing and free e-books which can aid you in your daily programming needs in different avenues.

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By Debjit

Amazon's long awaited Kindle 2 officially out

Amazon's long awaited Kindle 2 officially out

The long awaited successor to Amazon’s Kindle , the Kindle 2 was finally unveiled yesterday, after a period of almost 4 months since the launch of Sony’s PRS 700BC Reader Digital Book . This amazing portable e-book reader is already very popular among book lovers because of the unique reading experience it offers to its…

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By digitalcoconut

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