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Amazon's long awaited Kindle 2 officially out

By Debjit on July 26th, 2009 

The long awaited successor to Amazon's Kindle , the Kindle 2 was finally unveiled yesterday, after a period of almost 4 months since the launch of Sony's PRS 700BC Reader Digital Book . This amazing portable e-book reader is already very popular among book lovers because of the unique reading experience it offers to its reader, and Kindle 2 is all set to enhance that even more.


Amazon Kindle 2, Photo Courtesy: TheBoyGeniusReports

Powered by Linux, the all new Kindle 2 on a single full charge will let you read continuously for up to 2 weeks with wireless off , thanks to the improved battery life which is now up by 25 %. The overall weight of the device is just around 10 ounces. It sports 2 GB internal memory and also features a 6-inch diagonal E-Ink electronic paper display supporting a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels at 167 ppi with 16-level gray scale, where as the original Kindle had only four shades.

Its page turning speed is now up by 20 % and it manages to be 25 % thinner than an i-pod. It will still be utilizing Amazon Whispernet for downloading contents from Amazon's collection of more than 224,000 titles. And the collection continues to increase every moment (even now when i am writing this blog), so that the user never runs out of content, ever.

By the way shipping starts from 24th of this month and price is a modest $ 359. Well, did i just say modest? Who cares? A great product for a great price. Grab one for those lazy Sunday evenings before it goes out of stock!!

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