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WordPress – Automatically Add Nofollow To External Links Without Plugin [How-To]

rel nofollow in Wordpress

Adding Nofollow to external links in WordPress without using any plugin is very simple. But before that, some basic seo jargons – building links is one of pillars of search engine optimisation and infact it is so important that at times webmasters turn to adopting shady methods of building links to their websites just in…

 How-To   Wordpress  

By Debjit

How To Use Cakephp Sessions In External PHP Script?

CakePHP Sessions

CakePHP is a fantastic framework that lets you build any website from grounds up and that too very quickly. Although CakePHP provides all the built-in functions required for various works on a website but at times it happens that you need to access some CakePHP elements from an external script. For instance, in this article…

 How-To   Programming  

By Adam

Buffalo dives into USB 3.0, unveils 12x Blu-ray burner, external HDDs

USB 3.0 ‘superspeed’ has not yet arrived (expected to roll out with all due respect early next year), but that’s not stopping hardware giants from launching products that support USB 3.0. This time its Buffalo, who have went ahead and launched their first USB 3.0 External HDD (DriveStation HD-HXU3) and a 12x Blu-ray burner (BR-X1216U3)…

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By digitalcoconut

Freecom launches world’s first USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Freecom launches world’s first USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Earlier we told you that Linux will be the first Operating System to support USB 3.0. Yesterday the Dutch storage giant Freecom became the first company to come out with a USB 3.0 complaint external storage device.

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By digitalcoconut

How To setup an external / Widescreen monitor to your Laptop in Fedora 10

How To setup an external / Widescreen monitor to your Laptop in Fedora 10

Setting up an external Monitor to your Laptop in Fedora 10 is very simple. Fedora 10 onwards, the default X11 window system configuration file has been dropped and the system auto-configures your X11 system. In case you need to change a few settings to your X11 configuration (which we will be doing here), you need…

 Computers   How-To   Linux   Uncategorized  

By Debjit

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