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From the Creator of Google Voice – Firespotter

From the Creator of Google Voice – Firespotter

Heard about Craig Walker? He was once the Group Product Manager for Real-Time Communications at Google, where he oversaw all of Google’s voice communications products, including Google Voice and Google Talk Video. He left Google to start his own company called Firespotter Labs which was launched very recently on 4th May. Based in California, the…


By Nihal

Google Apps Bug Lets You Make Free Voice Calls To the US [UPDATED]

While Google is busy squashing bugs on Chrome, they have also introduced some in Google Apps! Recently there has been a lot of updates by Google Apps team. In the most recent update on Google Apps, they have integrated nearly all the Google services with Google Apps.

However, this one is about a bug in the Google Apps services that actually lets you make free voice calls to the US from some other country. (India in our case)

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By Adam

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