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From the Creator of Google Voice – Firespotter

By Debjit on May 6th, 2011 

Heard about Craig Walker? He was once the Group Product Manager for Real-Time Communications at Google, where he oversaw all of Google’s voice communications products, including Google Voice and Google Talk Video. He left Google to start his own company called Firespotter Labs which was launched very recently on 4th May.

Based in California, the company focuses on the concept of a ‘company creation shop’ - breeding ground for social, cloud computing, mobile and communications products that the founder hopes will become their own companies someday. "Firespotter isn’t an incubator. We aren’t looking for ideas or teams to back. We will instead be building products that we want to use ourselves and quickly get them out into the world.",says Walker.

Firespotter Labs is funded by Google Ventures, where Walker had been an entrepreneur.The team contains 5 other members than the CEO, Walker.

Basic Model of Working –

  1. Unlike a traditional incubator, Firespotter won’t look for the other entrepreneurs to start companies. Its employees will come up with the ideas and develop them themselves, then hire people to run them if they become big and successful enough.
  2. Firespotter will not be following the trend of building social apps rather will target big industries to go mobile and embrace new technology which they have not incorporated in their operations.

A more clear specification on how the company works will be out in the scene very soon. For now we can say that these technological maestros have certainly got a great concept to work on.


From the Creator of Google Voice – Firespotter was originally published on on May 6, 2011 - 2:08 am (Indian Standard Time)