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How To Make The Iframe Background Transparent In Internet Explorer?

Transparent iframe in IE

Iframes are an integral part of today’s web development. They were earlier, they are now and they will remain in the future. ALthough you might have known that displaying your content inside Iframes may not be a sweet deal for search engines like Google or Bing when they crawl your website but Iframes are making…

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By Debjit

Download Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview

Microsoft has released the Developer Preview of the Internet Explorer 11 and is available for download in 14 languages including English. Developers as well as users can download the Developer Preview of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in order to try out the new browser and also to test their websites or web-apps for any…

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By Debjit

Microsoft says Google bypassed privacy settings in Explorer too, fails to mention similar violations by Facebook or Bing

Internet Explorer 10

Last week, Microsoft announced that Google had been circumventing privacy settings on Apple Safari, violating user privacy by placing cookies that track users on the web. This week, Microsoft has gone further and attacked Google again for having done the same with Internet Explorer’s privacy settings as well. The company released a blog post this…

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By Debjit

Microsoft Drops Flash In Favor Of HTML5 For Metro Internet Explorer 10

Flash is considered the bane of web technologies. Apple had been shipping their products Flash-free for some time now citing the impact on performance that Flash brings. It appears that Microsoft too is going in that direction. Dean Hachamovitch, the lead of the IE Team at Microsoft, has announced on a blog post that Metro…

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By Ricky

And Here Is The Cake From IE Team To Mozilla For Firefox 5

And Here Is The Cake From IE Team To Mozilla For Firefox 5

Although Firefox and Internet Explorer are competing for the market share, they do respect each other and as a tradition Microsoft always send a cake to Mozilla whenever they ship an major version of Firefox.

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By Debjit

Google Withdraws Support For Internet Explorer 7 And Other Older Browsers

Starting from August 1, 2011 Google will stop supporting older versions of various browsers like the Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 on all of it’s web based products such as GMail, Google Docs and more.

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By Debjit

[Update] Microsoft To Release Patch For IE Cookiejacking Vulnerability

Internet Explorer "Cookiejacking" Patch

Remember the Cookiejacking Vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer, we wrote about a few days back? Microsoft has issued a statement saying that its effect has not be massive and that they will release a patch to fix it.

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By Debjit

“Cookiejacking” Puts 900Million Microsoft Internet Explorer Users At Risk

All versions of IE have a potential cookiejacking vulnerability

Well, this is something any loyal or infact any regular Microsoft Internet Explorer user would not want to hear. An independent Computer security researcher and expert – Rosario Valotta has devised an attack on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (MSIE) which can remotely hijack your browser cookies and potentially cause damage to you by stealing digital credentials…

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By Debjit

A Brief History Of Internet Explorer [Video]

Internet Explorer 9 Logo

A few days back, Microsoft released the newest version Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer 9. Andrew Tait has made a video comparing the various versions of Internet Explorer from version 1 to 9. This is quite an interesting video which shows how much IE and the web has changed in the last 15 years. If…

 Microsoft   Video  

By Ricky

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