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Download Google Chrome For OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Mandriva, Slackware, Pardus, CentOS, PCLinuxOS

Download links for Chromium browser on OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Mandriva, Slackware, Pardus, CentOS & PCLinuxOS Linux distributions.

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By Debjit

Mandriva In Acquisition Talks

Mandriva In Acquisition Talks

After years of financial difficulties andĀ rumorsĀ of acquisition talks, it has finally been confirmed that Mandriva S.A., the company behind the Linux distro Mandriva, is in acquisition talks. French open-source software firm LINAGORA has confirmed that it is talking with Mandriva S.A. on a possible acquisition.

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By Ricky

Benchmarks: Mandriva 2010.1, PCLinuxOS 2010, Ubuntu 10.04, openSUSE 11.3

This early development comparison of Ubuntu 10.04, Mandriva 2010.1, PCLinuxOS 2010, and openSUSE 11.3 produced some of the most interesting results as of late in terms of comparing different Linux desktop distributions. When looking solely at the number of wins for the 12 tests, PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta ended up taking the gold in six of…


By Ricky

HOW-TO hack a 'chm' file?

CHM is a Microsoft Corp baby. This file format according to me is one of the best things to have happened to computing world. CHM file format facilitates archiving of millions of html files into onesingle file, including the images and all. Now, Linux boxes and mac boxes don`t have built-in support for handling CHM…

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By Debjit

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