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How to play MP3 files (add MP3 support) in amarok? [ubuntu]

Amarok is one of the most widely used music players in Linux. But there is this weird problem with Amarok in Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) as right after you install Amarok in Ubuntu or Kubuntu, you won’t be able to play MP3 files directly even if you have installed the required media codecs. In this article…

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By Debjit

BingTones – Bing Ringtones from Microsoft, a clever idea to promote Bing

BingTones – Bing Ringtones from Microsoft, a clever idea to promote Bing

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in publicizing it’s all new Bing Search engine (read: decision engine). Now, Microsoft has come up with yet another wonderful promotional tool for the Bing search engine – ‘Ring tones’. Microsoft is giving away three free ring tones for your mobile phone. Since these three tones are in mp3…

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By Debjit

How-To get Mp3 support for Amarok on Fedora10

Fedora 10 ships with Amarok 1.94. If you install the the amarok-extras-free world package then you may not get your Mp3s to still play. This is because the amarok-extras-free depends on two more packages (dont confuse with dependencies) named: libtunepimp-extras-nonfree and xine-lib-extras-nonfree.

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By Debjit

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