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BingTones – Bing Ringtones from Microsoft, a clever idea to promote Bing

By Debjit on September 16th, 2009 

bingtone suggestive logo for bing ringtones from Microsoft by DigitizorMicrosoft is leaving no stone unturned in publicizing it's all new Bing Search engine (read: decision engine). Now, Microsoft has come up with yet another wonderful promotional tool for the Bing search engine - 'Ring tones'. Microsoft is giving away three free ring tones for your mobile phone. Since these three tones are in mp3 format you can very well use them as a ring tone in any mp3 capable mobile phone. Live preview of these ring tones can be found with Amit and can be downloaded directly or via BingTone Download.

The three ring tones (BingTones) are just a repetitive melody of a male and a female voice speaking the word "bing"  together, combined with different background scores in all three ring tones. These ring tones are indeed a very clever way for Microsoft to spread their product too. Say for instance, you have downloaded the Ring tones to your phone and set them as default. Suppose you get a call somewhere say in  the marketplace, the guy next to you (who is unaware of Bing) might ask what ring tone is that. So you tell him about Microsoft's new search engine Bing and how they are giving away free ring tones!

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