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How To Disable Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer In Internet Explorer?

Disable Facebook Photo Viewer in Internet Explorer

Facebook recently rolled out the new Lightbox photo viewer which appears as a popup right inside the page. Although some users may like it, many others have have not liked this new feature in Facebook. We have already told you how to disable the Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer in Chrome And Firefox. In this article…

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By Debjit

How To Disable The Facebook Lightbox Photo Viewer In Chrome And Firefox

Last week Facebook started rolling out the new Lightbox photo viewer. However, many users have been less than enthusiastic about this change. Two methods to get back to original photo viewer includes refreshing the page when Lightbox loads and removing &theater from the URL. However these are not permanent solutions. Internet Explorer users, should see…

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By Ricky

Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Yogile – Online Photo Sharing With Collaboration, Privacy & Groups

Presenting Yogile – yet another online photo sharing service, but with a difference. Yogile makes it incredibly easy to share images privately and within groups. Not only this, Yogile lets multiple people contribute to one album with ease.

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By Debjit

Intouch IT7150 Digital Photo Frame comes with Wi-Fi, Internet Radio, RSS support

The Intouch IT7150 is not just any other good looking Digital Photo Frame, its much more than that. Besides showing regular slideshows, this device can play videos, stream Internet radio stations through Wi-Fi, fetch RSS updates (RSS 2.0). Its got a high resolution 7 inch (800 x 480) touch screen display, stereo speakers, 128 MB…

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By digitalcoconut

5 More Interesting Facts About Facebook

Earlier we did an article on “9 Interesting facts about Facebook and its users”. This article can be considered as a sequel to that article. Here we present to you five more interesting facts about Facebook. So here goes five interesting facts about Facebook:

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By Ricky

Take a picture tour of the African continent right from your desk

The African continent is still full of mysteries in it’s forests and deserts. Many people have a   great desire to visit the continent and experience bliss in it’s picturesque environment and the soothing climate. But visiting the continent and it’s picturesque forests may involve lot of predated dangers like wild animals, etc. But not any…

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By Debjit

Google uses a tricycle to get college campus photos for StreetView

Google uses a tricycle to get college campus photos for StreetView

Google StreetView is a product which can be used to view street level photographs, take virtual walks; pan, rotate and zoom through cities around the world and find shops, restaurants, parks, hotels etc. Since the photographs of the streets that are taken by Google for this purpose, contain pictures of people due to which Google…

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By Debjit

Lifestream Backup helps to archive your online identity and data

LifestreamBackup is service that takes a backup of all your online identity and online data for a very nominal fee, so that your online identity, your Lifestream, always stays intact. This online data may include all content from the blogs you author, or may be those huge web albums you maintain at flickr and not…

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By Debjit

5 useful things you could do with your netbook

5 useful things you could do with your netbook

You just purchased a Netbook and are very happy with the portability it offers. But when you are at home, the portability hardly matters and you never use your netbook at home. Here are someways in which you could put your netbook to good use:

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By Debjit

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